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Built on Stability and Integrity

Just as the fundamental building blocks we lay are strong and durable, Solid Rock Foundation & Concrete LLC in Grove, Oklahoma endeavors to provide home and business owners with engineering expertise built on stability and integrity. We are a concreting company specializing in poured concrete for basement foundations and retaining walls.

Employing the latest technology and innovative building techniques, we pour concrete and cast walls, basements, and structural foundations using aluminum form systems. You can choose between traditional concrete or custom colors. We also offer colored and stamped concrete. To get a free quote or estimate, email or call us.

What Home and Business Owners Say

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Long-Lasting Concrete

The ground beneath your properties may move, but with the engineering proficiency we apply, you can be confident that your home or business structure will stay strong and firm. You will be reaping the long-term value that appraisers place on structurally sound properties.

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